Vaccinate my business??

Posted 1 year ago by ACW

In these special times the buzzing question is:
To vaccinate or not?
You think: despite all the measures, my company has survived corona?
Our vaccine is both preventive and curative.

- Extensively tested for years
- Only positive side effects
- 5g injected only at your request
- Readily available!

Your company "smart" with our sensors and software

After our ‘vaccination’ solution, your company is ready for the great opportunities that upcoming "After-corona" time will offer Let your company manage your employees instead of the other way around Contact us for a vaccination appointment OR get informed to discuss your vaccination fear.    
Put your store in charge! We created a new software product that allows your store/location to make decisions, initiate actions, and send notifications. We would like to start a discussion about which triggers people see to directly increase the performance in a process. Eg: if you get rid of everything for 90% off, your number of transactions will go up immediately.
Only the margin remains very little.
However, there are triggers with which you can exert influence.  

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